Family representative: Heidy Rocio Oliveros Parra



Tranquilandia farm is located in the rural area of La Paz in the San José del Fragua municipality in the Andean-Amazonian piedmont of Caquetá department, Colombia. The farm has a size of 7.03 hectares, of which 4.19 hectares are conserved forest and 1.12 hectares of cocoa ICS 95, CCN 51, and Hybrid varieties in shading crops in an agroforestry system.


I) Tranquilandia farm is part of the potential connectivity habitat area for the jaguar and other fauna and flora wild species.

II) Two mammal species are registered on the farm: lowland paca and guara. Still, within the area, there are also populations of black agouti, otter, collared peccary, Humboldt’s squirrel monkey, and other species.

III) The farm adjoins Luna river and two water springs protected by riparian vegetation, 4.19 hectares of native forest with species such as achapos, ceibas and bilibili, and 1.12 hectares of cocoa under shade crops.



This map shows the general boundary location of Tranquilandia farm concerning the jaguar habitat.



hese maps show the distribution and type of land cover on the Tranquilandia farm.


PUMA Puma concolor

Species found on the farm

About the family

Heidy, with roots in the village of San José del Fragua and her family, left the hustle and embraced a farm they acquired, a corner full of promises. While her father imparted wisdom as a teacher and her mother wove stories as a merchant, Heidy envisioned a mission. She chose cocoa for its ability to rejuvenate soils and its profitability and for a deeper purpose: to reforest and protect forests and their wildlife.