La Herradura

Family representative: Marina Arciniegas


La Herradura farm is located in the rural area of Morrocoy Alto in the El Doncello municipality in the Andean-Amazonian foothills of the Caquetá department, Colombia. The farm has a size of 5,74 hectares, of which 1.48 hectares are of conserved forest and 1,49 hectares of cocoa Hybrid and CCN-51 varieties in shade-grown crops in an agroforestry system with timber trees.


I) La Herradura farm is part of the potential connectivity habitat area for the jaguar and other fauna and flora wild species.

II) Three mammal species are registered on the farm: opossum, anteater, and Brown Four-eyed Opossum.

III) The farm has one water spring protected by riparian vegetation, 1.48 hectares of native forest with species such as a nogal, cedro, yarumo, and laurel, and 1.49 hectares of cocoa under-shade crops in an agroforestry system.



This map shows the general boundary location of La Herradura farm concerning the jaguar habitat.



These maps show the distribution and type of land cover present on La Herradura farm.


PACA Nombre cientifico

Species found on the farm

About the family

Marina and her family, hailing from Doncello, transitioned from urban life to the tranquility of a newly acquired farm. Despite the hardships of the armed conflict, their agricultural lineage led them to a strategic project focused on cocoa cultivation. Today, with unwavering commitment, they dedicate themselves to this endeavor and the meticulous preservation of the forest and fauna.