La Cristalina

Family representative: Hernán Darío Bermudez Jaramillo


La Cristalina farm is located in the rural area of Alto Berlin in El Doncello municipality in the Andean-Amazonian piedmont of Caquetá department, Colombia. The farm has a size of 12.05 ha, of which 3.08 ha are of conserved forest and 1.17 ha of coffee in unique variety in sunlight crops.


I) La Cristalina farm is part of the potential connectivity habitat area for the jaguar and other fauna and flora wild species.

II) Within the area are populations of armadillo, lowland paca, tayra, squirrel, guara, tufted capuchin, and other species.

III) The farm has two water springs protected by riparian vegetation, 3.08 hectares of native forest with species such as nogal, cedro, and laurel, and 1.17 hectares of sunlight coffee crops.



This map shows the general boundary location of La Cristalina farm concerning the jaguar habitat.



These maps show the distribution and type of land cover present on La Cristalina farm.


OSO MELERO Tamandua tetradactyla

Species found on the farm

About the family

Born in Doncello, Hernán, inspired by his parents’ farming tradition, ventured out 12 years ago to carve his own path. Upon arriving at a farm with well-established coffee crops, his passion merged with a steadfast commitment to protect the abundant wildlife and conserve water that is part of his land.