El Porvenir

Family representative: Fabio Artunduaga


El Porvenir farm is located in the rural area of Las Palmeras in the San Jose del Fragua municipality in the Andean-Amazonian piedmont of Caquetá department, Colombia. The farm has a size of 38.65 ha, of which 23.33 ha are of conserved forest and 1.09 ha of coffee Caturro variety in shade-grown crops in an agroforestry system.


I) El Porvenir farm is part of the potential connectivity area of habitat for the jaguar and other fauna and flora wild species.

II) There are various mammal species within the area, including populations of guara and zarigüeya.

III) The farm adjoins river Valdivia, has two streams and two water springs, 23.33 hectares of native forest with species such as achapo, sangre toro, ahumado, caímos and boca de indio, and 1.09 hectares of under-shade coffee crops.



This map shows the general boundary location of El Porvenir farm concerning the jaguar habitat.



These maps show the distribution and type of land cover present on El Porvenir farm.


MONO MAICERO Sapajus apella

Species found on the farm

About the family

Fabio and his family are natives of Caquetá, but they used to reside in Bella Vista. They decided to acquire the farm where they currently live. Although his mother worked as a homemaker, Fabio and his family established coffee crops for their profitability and as part of programs to eradicate illicit crops. Despite occasional conflicts with wildlife, they maintain a steadfast commitment to tirelessly protect the forest, water, and the wildlife that inhabits their surroundings.